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Caught in the net

Here is a light-hearted look at what happened at the Men's EHF EURO 2016 on Wednesday, 27 January

Photo: Uros Hocevar

German motivation #1

There have been several videos coming from the players of German record champions THW Kiel to support the German team at the EHF EURO. The first one, for example, was a tongue-in-cheek reenactment of Spain's Jorge Maqueda's free throw that hit Germany's Steffen Weinhold in the face in the teams' preliminary round encounter.

For the decisive Germany vs Denmark main round encouter the idea was to break the rivalry down to a hot-dog eating competition, with the final result that Germany won and Denmark underlined that Germany had absolutely no style eating hot dogs, arguably one of the dishes Denmark is famous for.

Well, we just want to leave it here and let the result on court and the handball speak for themselves. Nevertheless enjoy the video.

German motivation #2

If you follow tennis, you know it's Australian Open time down under. In handball, Germany has not defeated Denmark since 2004, but as a proof that anything can happen, on Wednesday morning European time German Angelique Kerber earned a spot into the semi-finals by defeating Victoria Azarenka, whom she had never beaten in 8 attempts. Will we maybe see a pattern for Germany on Wednesday night?

Behind the... laughter?

If you followed our feed on the ehf_live snapchat on Tuesday, you surely noticed that right before the final goodbye, there is a post where mobile reporter Rikke cannot stop laughing. The reason why is that in the first attempt her colleague Giulio interrupted his comment on the match because “I can't with my hair, let's do it again.” First world problems indeed...

Miss Bakery

And then there was the former Miss Poland, Ewa Wachowicz, who discovered her baking skills and came up with heart-shaped cookies, covered ated with sugar coating in red and white, the two national colours of Poland. How the cookies eventually tasted, we don't know, but 'Caught in the net' definitely gives the thumbs up for the idea and the effort. (Photo: ZPRP)

New second job for Poland's coach Biegler

Michael Biegler loves challenges. The German-born coach of the Polish national team had also been at the helm of German Bundesliga side HSV Hamburg. However, after it became known that the club had to withdraw from the Bundesliga because of serious financial difficulties, Biegler quickly decided that just the Polish national team is not enough for him. He announced on Wedneday that on behalf of the International Handball Federation he will be in charge of a handball development project in Uganda.

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