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TAURON Arena Krakow

Stanislawa Lema Street, www.tauronarenakrakow.pl 

capacity: 15,000

GPS: 50°04'02,89"N 19°59'30,10"E

This is the largest capacity venue in Poland, which assets include not only its size and multifunctional character but also the latest technological solutions with the most advanced stage and multimedia systems, satisfying expectations of organisers of both sports events and concerts.

The multifunctional character of TAURON Arena Kraków will allow competition in at least 17 different sports at World Championship level, which include, among others, boxing, acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics, futsal, hockey, basketball, athletics, figure skating, volleyball, handball, combat sports, tennis, and dancesport contests.

The whole complex comprises two arenas and also conference halls, restaurants and bars. More than 1,300 parking places await the fans and special guests will be invited to the VIP sectors and comfortable boxes.

The multifunctional character of the venue and its large capacity offer advantages which have been noticed by sports federations as they consider the Arena to be the host venue of the championship level events. A good illustration of this approach has been the World League matches and the games of the Men's World Volleyball Championship, all of which were played in Tauron Arena Krakow in the year 2014.

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