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There is no Gdańsk without freedom. The most appreciated virtue of the Gdańsk inhabitants shaped the unique 'genius loci' of the city. It is felt among the tenement houses of the Old Town and among the shipyard hoists, on beautiful sandy beaches ... Freedom inspires and transforms both space and people.

Gdańsk was at the heart of events which changed the course of history. In August 1980 it saw a strike in the Gdansk Shipyard, led by Lech Wałęsa, and the establishment of Solidarity ("Solidarność"), a great social movement that captured the imagination of millions of people. These events were the driving force for the freedom movements all around the world and let people believe that the 'impossible' was possible.

Gdańsk today is a modern European metropolis, a knowledge-based economy, a dynamically developing centre of culture, science, entertainment and sport as well as attractive tourist destination and the world capital of amber. The massive brick bulk of St Mary's Basilica towering over the city, Long Market - one of the most beautiful Europe's markets -, the statue of Neptune, the old Medieval Crane dozing on the banks of Motława River and the Amber Stadium are the most popular symbols of Gdańsk. This thousand-year old city located on the Baltic coast has been the hometown of Hevelius, Fahrenheit, Schopenhauer, Grass, and Wałęsa what makes it one of the top tourist attractions of Poland.


• Fountain of Neptune standing since 1633 in front of the Artus Court is a symbol of Gdańsk

• The Crane - perfectly preserved since 1444 the largest port crane of medieval Europe, today one of the branches of National Maritime Museum

• St Mary's Church - the basilica called "the crown of the city of Gdańsk", the largest brick Gothic church in Europe

• Hewelianum Centre - a modern science centre

• European Solidarity Centre

• Shakespeare Theatre

• Westerplatte - the symbol of the outbreak of World War II


From five-star hotels meeting international standards. Through elegant pensions in historical houses and private rooms to beds in youth and student hostels and picturesque campsites. Gdańsk is a place where you can live unforgetlable moments and dip into a world of exciting experiences, and afterwards peacefully go to sleep delighting in the sea air.

More information: http://www.gdansk.pl/en/stay


Gdańsk offers visitors the opportunity to travel by public trams and buses, as well as SKM trains.

More information: http://www.gdansk.pl/en/get

SKM trains: http://www.skm.pkp.pl/en/

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