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High Five - the EHF EURO mascot

The mascot of the Men's EHF EURO 2016 is a golden hand that - in particular, if you look at its mouth - does not fall short of making a reference to its origin and Poland's red and white flag. The mascot's name was selected in an online competition that eventually saw more than 700 people participating. The winning name: High Five.

High Five is an internationally well-known gesture, often associated and used in sports in general and in handball in particular (just think about when players enter and leave the court), where a "high five" stands for greeting each other but also as a possibility to say 'thank you' at the end of also regarded as a greeting or thank you.

"We decided that our mascot will not look a person or an animal, but that we rather wanted to focus on a key element for handball - the hand," says the Polish Handball Federation's vice president Marcin Herra. "The hand in our culture also symbolises openness; we use it to greet each other. And the hand also refers to respect the principles of fair play; it stands for helping each other. It is also a reference to our logo which depicts the image of the hand."

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